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BusinessXack.com is an Initiative of Xack Inc. which is An Internet Corporation based in Ludhiana, managed and owned by Gurpreet Saluja. BusinessXack.com is a website where you can study about various techniques, strategies, concepts about Indian Stock Market, Indian Commodity Market and Indian Forex Market. 

We Provide quality education on Stock Market Studies, Stock Analysis based on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis of Stocks through theoretical and video sessions by our faculty member Gurpreet Saluja who developed all concepts and theories in a UNIQUE way.

We also guide everyone who want’s to enter in any of the Stock Market Perspective, like how to start their trading career? what necessary steps should they do? and what essential documents do they need to Invest or Trade in this market?


Q. Why should we have knowledge about Stock Market?
Ans: Every Person who enters in this stock market have some misconceptions about this market that it’s Gambling, stock market is a Business like all other business it also have sale and purchase of products so you must have knowledge of the business before entering into that Business weather it’s a normal business or a stock market.

Q. When We Buy a Stock it goes down, when we sell it goes up, Why?

Q. When you make Profit, it is too small & when you bear Loss it is too large, Why?

Ans: It is because when you enter in any Business or Profession you need a proper knowledge of that profession or business for that you have to study them deeply the same is with stock market but nobody follows the same criteria for stock market everyone here just rely on Tips given by any expert or your broker without even knowing that are you in right direction? that’s why people bear losses and in the end they blame stock market.

Q. Do BusinessXack.com charge for the knowledge you are providing on this website?
Ans: No, we don’t charge a single penny for the knowledge we are providing you on our website, all concepts and theories posted are FREE. We help every beginner to become a professional and smart trader of this stock market as well as professionally a Technical Analyst to earn huge money from this market.

Q. If, BusinessXack.com Provides every content for FREE then how do you get funds for your website?
Ans: Nice Question, well our very first aim is to get awareness in the country about stock market as well as our website for sure, we put ads on our website which generates revenue for our website to meet all hosting and registration expenses.