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Data Use Policy

We use data of every visitor on BusinessXack.com like the browser and device they are using, from which search engine or website they are coming from what is their IP address etc. we have set of records of our every visitor so you must be aware about our data use policy in which we have described all our uses so that you can use our services without having any problem afterwards.

If you have any problem regarding your data shared with our records than we insist you not to use our services because these data usage are mandatory for our services so that none of terrorist or abusive person can harm our descipline and website.

Why we record all our visitors data?

We record all the data like IP address, browser, device, search engine, key phrases  landing pages, location, ISP [Internet Service Provider] of our visitors because if, anyone distract from discipline or have any intention for crime like hacking our website or any abusive commentary or harm will be caught immediately as our recorded data will help us to track the criminal and then that person will be charged for criminal action or penalized Rs. 5,000 [USD $100].

Investment & Usage Disclaimer

Investment in securities is susceptible to market risks which cannot be predicted. Securities market business is high risk and while the risk of loss is inherent in the market, we seek to minimize the risk of loss through a dynamic risk management policy which is an essential feature of our operations. We encourage you to read our disclaimer carefully before investing.